Our Services

In the area of marketing, business development, PR and sales services Urban Dynamics Inc provides classical brand-marketing services to emerging small and medium sized companies, brands, Fortune 1000 corporations and divisions of Fortune 500 corporations. In addition, Urban Dynamics Inc specializes in niche or difficult to market products and services. Services range from product introductions to brand repositioning and just about everything in between.

Specifically, Urban Dynamics Inc provides a one-stop shop for developmental and implementation services in the following areas:

  • Marketing Strategy and Plan Development
  • Marketing Tactics Development
  • Marketing Plan and Tactics Implementation
  • Business Development Strategy and Plan Development
  • Business Development Tactics Development
  • Business Development Plan and Tactics Implementation
  • Grass Roots PR
  • Secondary and primary marketing research
  • New product introductions
  • Licensing Programs
  • Advertising and Public Relations strategy and tactics development
  • Advertising and Public Relations tactics implementation
  • Marketing and Sales Tools Development - brochures, web sites, Power Points, etc
  • Sales force development and management (Direct and independent representative structures)
  • Sales force assessment

The Events Production and Services Group provide event development, production and management services to specific brands, corporations, media outlets, associations and properties.

The Group is a one-stop shop for clients for event services. Their experience ranges from managing small special events to producing total turnkey made for TV music and sporting events.

Urban Dynamics Inc event development, production and management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy and new event concept development
  • Event budgeting, sponsor/event pricing and sponsor packaging
  • Pre-event, event and post event production and management
  • Pre-event and event advertising, public relations and cross media promotion
  • Pre-event and event musical artist acquisition, sound production, lighting production and booking
  • Pre-event TV production, editing and placement
  • Complete turnkey or project production implementation
  • Direct sponsor solicitation services